Everyone has their first love

It is inevitable that everyone has their own story of their first love, various kinds. It has different endings, could end happily ever after or disappears with time. It could be love at first sight or love that grows by always getting used to be together. However, it all sure has a beautiful scenario in it. Beautiful since it is felt for the first time in one’s life. This is why it is called first love in the first place.

I will never forget what my parents say about first love. We have to be thankful to God for feeling it. Imagine how you are having feelings for someone else, who is not a member of your family, someone you’ve never met before, someone you never knew before. It makes you think about them, want to know more about them, adore them and care for them. They make you smile when you are alone just thinking about them. They make you happy when you are with them. They make your heart sing every minute. It is one of the things that transform you from a child to a teen. It teaches you to be less individual and selfish. And being the first time to feel it makes that person so special in your life. Therefore, don’t hesitate to thank God for giving us that wonderful feeling.

The problem comes afterwards, also in many kinds. It could be that the two of you can’t be together again, with many reasons. But most of the problems in First Love stories are that the person you like doesn’t love you back. You try your best to make them feel comfortable, as comfortable as what you feel when you are with them. However, it doesn’t work. Even after you have fought for it and still it doesn’t turn out the way you want.

You have to admit that it is just how the world goes round. You can’t force others to feel the way you feel. A simple example, some people love to eat durian fruit, some feel eating durian is not that special, some don’t like it, and even some can’t stand the smell of it. Now let’s see the other way around. It is a good way to put you in that position to be able to accept and surrender yourself in the real condition. When someone loves you so much but you don’t love them back. It is logically understood that it would be better to tell them your true feelings so that they won’t hope too much from you. It will hurt them even more when you are giving them your fake smile. Thus, there is no use of forcing love.

My Dad told me that there is a trend in every problem. Yeah he is an economist. He is used to analyze problems and predict what will happen. What I see about this topic is, people that can’t overcome their first love problems tend to live in the past, close their heart and not searching for happiness that actually everyone deserves to have in their lives. They compare the first person they love with other people, who actually could (who knows…!!) complete you and make you happier if you accept them to enter your life. Trapped in the past, they can’t move on with their life. It’s a trend, isn’t it? In the end they will feel lonely for the rest of their lives, knowing that they actually could open their heart to someone new and have a happier life. So let’s prove that trend wrong, shall we?

Now let’s learn from our experience. Sometimes a first love is only meant to be a story. A tale that is written in your life, that there was once someone special living inside your heart. Don’t deny it or try hard to forget it. Admit it. Believe that, just when you think everything is over, another fate enters your life. Learn to let it go, and new love will come to you. Keep moving forward and find true happiness.

Maybe this writing doesn’t mean much, because I’m sure you’ve already known the main idea and experienced first love. Well, just want to remind you all to not give up and keep searching. Or if you have found a new love, a love that could connect with each other, both have the same feeling and same plans in life, hold on to it and take good care so that the love will grow strong forever.

Everyone has their own story. Be thankful for it, learn from it, and continue your lives. Keep it safe inside you because First Love never dies.



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One response to “Everyone has their first love

  • ladysherry

    everyone has their own story..well what’s yours bana?
    actually i kinda forget who my first love was..it’s not really important for me.coz the thing that matter is…
    when you are happily ever after with your true love
    hehhhehehhe 😉

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