Futurist- Predicting the future? Or making the future?

The Robinsons family 😛


Have you ever seen one of Disney’s movies titled Meet the Robinsons? This is one of my favorites because it has great moral message in it: KEEP MOVING FORWARD.  The message is shown very clearly in the story. For you who haven’t watched it yet, let me give you a short review. Of course, I don’t want to tell you the whole story or else you won’t enjoy the excitement of the film. The story is about an orphan boy named Lewis. He has hopes and dreams. However, he wasn’t sure with himself, with his own ability that he could make a difference in the world. With an adventure to see a glimpse of the future, in the end he was confident with his abilities, brave enough to take chances and make his dreams come true.

The question that comes in my mind is about the difference between animation movie and the reality. In the movie, Lewis saw a peep of the future that motivated him to keep trying and to not give up. He could see where his life is actually taking him. On the other hand, in reality we could not do that. We could only see the future of what we dream of. The questions are; can we really create our dreams? How do we know what we want? How do we know what to dream about?

Now take a look at my fellow seniors that have just won the IMAGINE CUP 2008 early this month. It is an international competition of software programming, facing 61 countries in the final round in Paris, France. They are Arief Widhiyasa, Ella MD Mustika, Dimas Y Danurwenda, and Erga Ghaniya from Electronics&Informatics Faculty and Arts Design Faculty of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Their program, named Butterfly, won the Rural Innovation Award. This program is a system that helps citizens to report environmental problems in their areas to the responsible authority. They can send their report through telephone, short message service (SMS), internet or mobile application. The team, Antarmuka, received a US $10,000 prize and a chance to join the Microsoft Research Center in Bangalore, India. Not only bring our country’s pride, they also get a chance to develop their program so that it could be used for other countries in the world. This is a great example of making a difference which started from a dream to stop the damaging of Indonesia’s forest and environment that’s been happening. (source: Daily KOMPAS, July 10th 2008 edition)


One of the members in the team, Ella, is my senior at Student English Forum (a group of ITB students that loves to debate and other English activities). We’re close friends. We’ve once went to Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore together to join an English Debate competition there, representing ITB in March 2007. Well, I last met her after she won the IMAGINE CUP national level to become the representation of Indonesia, before she went to Paris. She shared some stories about how she and her team gave their best effort to create the program and to defend it in the competition. They’ve faced many failures and challenges in the last 6 months. They even had to borrow computers and notebooks from their friends because they didn’t have enough resources to start up with. However, it was no problem for them. They had fun through the whole process of the competition because they are devoted in what they do.
Ella and I
Back to the movie Meet the Robinsons, the Robinsons family motivated Lewis to not give up and learn from his mistakes or failures. This is because without failures, we could never learn anything. So, can we really create our dreams? The answer is, yes we can, starting step by step, with hard work and patience. We don’t need to take a look at the future just as Lewis experienced. Use the power of our imagination!! Even if we haven’t find out what we want yet, we haven’t known what to dream about, it is not a barrier. Keep searching for your inner strength and what you think you are good at. Keep learning and develop the skills you have. Let the power of your mind create your dreams and pushes your whole heart devoted to what you do. Remind yourself that failure is a normal thing; it will only bring you to a bigger success in the future.


Make the right decisions, make it real, and change the world!!



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