Thank You Very Much

It is a common knowledge that saying ‘thank you’ is important. However, some people just seem to ignore it. Perhaps they forget, or they just feel that it is not worth to say it. It is such a shame because saying your gratitude is not just a virtue. It is not just a word to show your appreciation. There is much more advantage behind it, not only for the person who is being helped but also for the person who helped out.


First of all, gratitude is a fundamental thing that keeps the two persons connected with each other. Have you ever wondered why in the world would someone help you when you are having difficulties? Why would they even bother to spend their time on your problems even when it doesn’t give them anything in return? It is because they feel that they have a bond with you. Not just friends or family, it could be any bond, for example because the both of you are having a same background, in the same situation, or just simply because you are both human beings who couldn’t live on their own. They have a good intention. Saying your gratitude is a way to keep that bond intact. So the next time you have other problems, they would be pleased to help you out again.


When a helping is done with something in return, for example you pay the person to help you, it doesn’t mean that you saying your gratitude is unnecessary. Money is just one of the physical parts that hold the bond. In it still needs the basic human interaction, where every person wants affection. Gratitude is a universal form of affection that everybody could feel. With it makes the bond even stronger. Keeping the bond strong will make the person who is helping realize that he is needed and important. That way there will be a guarantee that he will always be there for you when you needed them.


Another case is when the helping is an obligation. A simple example is between a parent and their children. It is a parent’s obligation to take good care of their children, feed them, give them shelter and education. When the children give their gratitude by saying ‘thank you’, it will give a great impact back to their parents. They will feel that their obligations to fulfill the children’s needs are not a burden. Of course a great parent doesn’t feel it as a burden because they do it based on the love they have for their children. But what is so wrong with saying your gratitude to your parents to make them feel happy having you as their son, compared to all their effort to complete your needs.


It is just like nature’s law. When you give a force, it will return the same amount of force back at you. The force in the action equals to the force in reaction. Saying your gratitude is that reaction that keeps the force in balance, by strengthening and keeping the bond in each people’s social life. No matter how small their help is. Please don’t make other people upset with you or unhappy with you by forgetting to say your gratitude!!!


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