wish i were Taylor Swift

I honestly wish I were Taylor Swift.

Well, if I were a young-pretty-American-girl, i would definitely want to become a country singer :p

I’d love to sing and write my own country songs, especially songs that were about my life, young girl’s ordinary life, school, boys, etc.

The fact that I’m not Taylor Swift, kept me wishing that I were her. She is a girl who knows what she wants to do in life, knows her dreams and work hard to make them come true. And I’m just the opposite of that.

Maybe I do know where my life is bringing me. with this education i’m having now, I could be a lecturer or a minister for my country. I got this perfect guy & we’re gonna start our own family. However, sometimes i get confused and act as if I dont know where I’m heading. I get scared, is this really what I’m good at? Is this really what I wanted.

Perhaps maybe I have the tendency to make my life difficult. I tend to make myself stressed in things I shouldn’t be. But actually, in doubtful moments like this is the time I reassure myself.

I probably get scared to fail in what I’m doing now, because yes, maybe this is what I really wanted. I want it so bad that I dont want to screw it up. I’m getting there somehow, I really am. It seems like a long road and I still got many hard work to do to get there, but yes I’m on my way.

Its like Taylor Swift’s song “Mine”, especially this part of the lyrics:

“The moment I can see it
Yes, yes,
I can see it now”

Sometimes it takes some time for us to realize it. And it usually comes in times we are down or want to give up. All I needed was to cry my heart out for a night, a good listener, someone to remind me how simple my plan was and how I could actually reach my dreams.

I thank that person so much. I hope you could be patient with me, coz I’m hard to deal sometimes. Your love is everything to me, I can’t wait to live with you and I hope I could always make you happy.

“we’ve got bills to pay,
We got nothing figured out
When it was hard to take yes, yes
This is what I thought about”

me and chilly :)


*and thanks to Taylor Swift 🙂


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