I watched Mario Teguh’s show that night, February 13th 2011. the topic was “Jodoh di Tangan Siapa??” (it means: Who decides our love destiny a.k.a Soulmate)

Well, in the end of the show, he summerized it up like this:

A perfect person is possible to find. However, they’re all already in relationships of their own (not single anymore), for example who is handsome, pretty, honest, patience, rich, smart, has a steady job, etc. They all became perfect because their partner made them perfect. So its up to you to choose an imperfect person and make them perfect.

Once you are in a relationship/ marriage, both of you become a better person because of your partner. You love each other and you grow old together, you become a better person each day. In my religion, God will give someone a lot more income/earning (rejeki) when that person gets married, because it unites two different person, two different lives, two different families, two seperated income which become one. Marriage brings a lot more to the both of them.

Therefore, Mr. Mario stated that we have to prepare ourselves to be the best for our soulmate. Whether you have met him/her or not, you must get prepared. Whether you have known him/her or not, keep on upgrading yourself.  Once you have the relationship and unite in marrige, you still have to upgrade yourself, keep loving them and give them the best of yourself 🙂

Dont expect your soulmate to give you happiness in life, but give them the best of you for their happiness, and automatically happiness will come to you as well 🙂

This guy I have been with for 2years. We last met on Thursday and didn’t communicate since (by phone/messages) because he was concentrating on his important assignment. That morning, 7.40am Monday, February 14th 2011. I accidentally met him at campus.

Snap… we looked at each other and both surprised… both in silence.

My heart was beating fast.

I guess this is it. I really missed him at that time, and it felt like we first met.

I hope he really is the one. The guy with Penguin philosophy (the most faithful animal on earth).

Dear God, please let us be.


D & D 🙂


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