my first experience giving birth: Cheryl

my baby Cheryl is turning 5months old today πŸ™‚

I promised myself to share my experience in giving birth but I haven’t got the time, until today I had a gtalk chat with my dear friend Kay, who is 8 month old pregnant. Its a great opportunity for me to share my story through my chat with her, so here it is…. (Thank you so much Kay :* )

I hope whoever reads this (who is pregnant, not pregnant, or whoever wants to get pregnant) could be inspired by my story. Just relax and enjoy the process of giving birth πŸ™‚


I entered my 38th week of pregnancy,

my hubby had to go out of town (to Bandung) that weekend for work meeting.

he told our baby, please wait for me and dont start labor until i return πŸ˜€

i read from various sources in the internet that eating dates (kurma) could make labor easier

so i ate kurma diligently (sometimes lazy though :P).

my hubby got back that Tuesday,

and it turns out that tuesday was my last day of office.

wednesday morning when i woke up, there were a little spot of blood when i pee.

so i texted my boss, bu shanty, that I’m gonna skip work and go to the doctor.

i was curious about what actual contraction feels like,

i googled it and in they say its like menstrual cramping.

i haven’t felt that yet

but sometimes a little tension on my tummy

the doctor said i was ok and the baby might be born tomorrow

so that afternoon after the doctor visit, me and hubby went to sarinah mall (near our hospital) for a walk and lunch.

my hubby then went back to work after lunch, then i want to the mall with my mom and my sister.

(my sister was waiting for her day to leave to UK for masters)

we walk around kota casablanca mall until asar around 4pm

then we went home.

I only tried the pregnancy exercise twice in my hospital. However, I increased my frequency of walking. Not only I walk back and forth to the bathroom in the office πŸ˜› I also take small walks at night with hubby before we go to bed. I don’t have time for morning walks (can only do it in the weekends), so having a night walk is also nice, its quiet and relaxing…

i hope u’re not bored Kayy πŸ˜›


Hihihihi..keep texting…gw baca kok…


so the red blood starting to come up even more

that night my hubby went home late, and i spent my night talking with my sis, we laughed and tell stories about everything,

remembered our childhood,

i was soooo relaxed πŸ˜€

my hubby got home at 10pm and we went to bed as usual,

at 12 o’clock midnight, it was a new day, thursday 5th of September 2013,

i started to feel tummy ache.

and it really feels like menstrual cramp.

we started to count the minutes between the cramp.

its so easy to differenciate when the cramp comes on and off πŸ˜€

its about 10 or sometimes 5 minutes,

i went to sleep everytime the cramp stops.

its like u’re sleeping

and ur alarm clock went on

you wake up coz it hurts

but then u set up the snooze button

the cramp stops and sleep again πŸ˜€


do u get it?

keeps going on and on


Iyaaa yaaa…ngerti ngerti



around 2am i cant stand it anymore,

the cramps get more aggresive πŸ˜›

hurts more

so my hubby decided we get ready to the hospital.

we left our home at 2.30 and we didnt tell anybody.

we dont wanna wake our parents coz it might not be the moment yet.

we only texted them to inform that we’re going to the hospital.

we got there at 3am


2.30 pagi kah?




Ahhhhh okokok


the cramps keep going on and on every 5minutes.

i lay in the bed and the nurse checked on my opening it was 3!

i tried to sleep,

with the snoozed alarm on and on πŸ˜›

they told me to sleep looking at the left side

coz it helps the baby to push easier.

it hurts more sleeping on the left side than the right,

so i thougt that it really works.

i kept thinking positive,

my baby is smart, she’s looking for her way out πŸ˜€

at 5.30 i felt a tummy ache quite different, i wanted to poop πŸ˜›

so i pooped.

the contraction keep coming on and off while i poop and clean my but πŸ˜›



i laughed at the bathroom

it just felt funny!!

then at 6am my doctor came (he was doing an operation with another patient)

he checked my opening,

entered his hand inside hahaha.

it hurts, but i’m still fine with it coz its for our own good

he said ur progress is doing well.


I dont like tht part


its 6-7 cm opening

knowing that he said i’m progressing well.

it makes me so positive and happy.

i read in blogs that they spend lots of time waiting for opening,

like a whole day,

thank God i got a chance to have progress faster, without any medical interventions.

so i moved to the delivery room,

my hubby was always beside me πŸ˜€

then at 7 my mom came!

she was on her way to the office with my dad,

they turn on their handphone on their way to the ofiice.

they realize my text when they got in the ofiice and went straight away to my hospital.

my mom help me eat breakfast,

it was the hospital’s porridge.

and i drank hot sweet tea so that i have the energy to give birth.

it was 5minutes to 8 am and they checked me again itu was 8cm.

i thought i was gonna give birth around 8.30 but it didnt happen yet!!

the contractions keeps getting stronger.

i learned from my pregnancy exercise instructor to keep calm and dont scream.

it really helps.

i wanna save my energy,

i didnt scream at all!!

i just breath,

i didnt talk any swear words like the other woman i know in the blogs.

keep breathing,

everytime i blow out my breathing when it hurts,

so instead of screaming “arrrhggghh”

i went like “huuuuuuuhhhhhfffff”


did u get it?



Jelas jelas.. hihihihi no screaming and swearinh


the clock hanging in front of me shows 8.30 and still i’m going on and off with contractions.

mayb 9 o’clock, i thought so optimistic in my mind,

come on baby 9 o’clock, i said to my baby πŸ˜€

at 9 my doctor checked again and he said it was 9cm

almost there!

he said he’s gonna break my waters.

he brought like this big nail

or bottle opener cork to open bear





i held tight to my hubby and my mom.

i dont feel scared at all.

i felt like,

i’m gonna make through this


Ooo like the screw to open wine yaaa



i’m not gonna chicken out, in my mind i keep saying this.

then all of a sudden waters came out and wet.

it was like hot warm water spilled out,

contractions keep going on and off

the nurses gather around my doctor.

everytime contraction starts, i was told to push.

i pushed like dozens of time but it was stil not happening


my hubby keep reminding me not to close my eyes while pushing coz its dangerous for my eyes.

i said in my mind

hai baby, i cant wait to cu

i know u’re on ur way

everytime i push, u’re getting closer and closer

i dont care how much i have to push

how tired i am to push to see you!!

i dont care, i’ll just keep pushing to cu πŸ˜€

my hubby said its close!

the doc said he could see my baby’s head and hair!

Then I heard her cry!




it was actually the last push!

thank GOd

they put my baby girl colored pale grey

on my chest

it was incredible!

i asked myself

whats this living thing here

its like a mouse!!

hahahah πŸ˜€


Alhamdulillah lancar ya daaan


rike r u stil with me!!






ok back to the baby like a mouse πŸ˜€




wait, i still gotta push my placenta out

so yeah after i pushed it out (the baby still on my chest)

the doctor put on the stitches

i dont care how much stiches i get


it really hurts!!




especiall when it reach my butt





but stiches hurt the 2nd,

the part that hurts the most is the contractions

hahaha of course but i dont bother to ask or talk anything to my doctor

i just said “ouch”




no further talking to keep me calm and steady

i guess the key to my self control is that i dont wanna give a shit


then the nurse held my baby help her find my nipple

then just a couple of seconds atached to my nipple she took my baby

so i guess no breastfeeding experience yet

coz they gotta clean my baby and get prepared for other operations

for other mothers besides my room

my hybby watched my baby cleaned and weighted

come to think of it, my baby was waiting for my mother in law to come!!

to see her born wkwkwkw

coz my baby was born right when my mother in law came in the room

the doctor put me on a very2 large diaper πŸ˜€

then i relaxed there for a while

my mother in law gave me massages




i had back ache maybe bcoz of pushing lots of time

then after my baby was cleaned, the nurse let me see her again, already wearing pink hat and blanket

that moment was so touching

she had very red lips

and very fair skin

oh my God, thank God i gave birht to a very pretty baby

she looks just like my hubby


my sister told me

during my baby was in the baby room

all the other babies was sleeping with eyes closed

my baby who just entered the world a couple of minutes ago had eyes wide opened!!!

she was even looking around.

her eyes was looking around as if she’s happy seeing the world

she cant stay still!!

thank Goddd

i kept in bed that whole day until 4pm the nurse help me stand up, help me walk to the bathroom, pee and take a bath.


Touching daaan touching


thank you rikeee


i hope my story gives u more courage




u’re gonna face it with confidence and calm

promise me?? πŸ™‚


It isss




u have to eat luch now

i gotta go pump my breast πŸ˜›

talk later kay

thanks for listening :*

lov u kaayyy :* be brave ❀


Thank you for shariiing daaan


i’m gonna put u in my blog πŸ˜€ thanks to u too



Happpy pumping yaaa

So thats about it… happy 5 month old my baby, Cheryl :*

here is a picture of her on her birth day πŸ™‚

my Cheryl <3

my Cheryl ❀


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